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Opinion on ProRealTime CFD Trading, trading CFDs

11 4 2016 - No comment

ProRealTime CFD Trading enables trading on all CFDs on indices, shares and FOREX  using the best technology: ProRealTime Software Premium version and probably the best CFD Broker, IG (the world's number 1 in CFDs). What is ProRealTime CFD Trading? ProRealTime’s CFD Trading service is the combination of ProRealTime Software’s Premium charting platform and the world’s number […]

prorealtime trading 160x120

Opinion on ProRealTime Futures Trading, trading Futures

11 4 2016 - 2 comments

ProRealTime Futures Trading enables trading on all Futures, Forex, options, shares, including US shares, using the best technology; ProRealTime Software and probably the best Futures broker, Interactive Brokers (the world's number 1 in Futures). What is ProRealTime Futures trading? In a sentence: ProRealTime Futures Trading is the combination of ProRealTime charting software in the Complete […]

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Why do I trade Futures and CFDs at the same time?

11 1 2016 - 1 comment

I often get asked the following questions: Why have two open accounts: PRT CFDs and PRT Futures?  And therefore why trade Futures and CFDs simultaneously? What are the reasons for trading Futures and CFDs simultaneously? As you might have noticed, the title of this blog has not changed since it began in 2010. It's the […]

What is a trader ?

Are you cut out to be a trader?

10 26 2016 - 2 comments

The title is a little provocative but the question has to be asked: Are you cut out to be a trader? What are the qualities of a good trader? Firstly, let’s lay the foundations: What is a trader? A trader, in the case that we are interested in, is an individual investing their own money […]


Trading rule number 7: don't force yourself to trade

9 27 2014 - No comment

One of the most common errors that affect young traders, or even the most experienced traders, is to be on the market too much or even constantly. They run out of energy, they lose lucidity and in the end, they are much less efficient. Trading is an addiction (like the others) Let us not deceive […]


Trading rule number 6: control your losses

9 27 2014 - No comment

One of the most important rules in trading is knowing how to control your losses and to keep pace with events. This is what generally makes the difference between a losing trader and a winning trader in the short, medium and especially long term. Cut your trading losses or you are doomed On my site's […]


Trading rule number 5: think for yourself

9 27 2014 - 1 comment

I have applied this rule for a few years, and coincidence or not, I have become a winning trader by applying it. I am not sure that this rule could apply to everyone. In my opinion this depends on each individual's personality and psychology. In my case, it has enabled me not to be easily […]

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