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What is the purpose of financial markets 160x120

What is the purpose of financial markets ?

7 22 2017 - No comment

Financial markets help to finance the economy Financial markets allows companies to finance themselves by raising capital, either by issuing bonds (debt securities) or shares (titles of property). This allows them to finance business growth and their projects, by having access to long-term finance, rather than short term finance such as bank loans. For investors […]

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Investing in financial markets

7 18 2017 - 1 comment

Why invest in financial markets? In the previous article we looked at the purpose of financial markets, we are now going to look at how investors benefit from the financial markets. Why are they interested in the financial markets, and why do they invest their capital there? Profitability in financial markets The first factor that […]

Benoist Rousseau my Trading Method 160x120

Benoist Rousseau : my Trading Method

7 18 2017 - No comment

Who am I? It’s always a bit difficult to talk about oneself, but here we go: My name is Benoist Rousseau. I’m 43 years old, I am passionate about trading and I like history, psychology, economics, cooking and art. I have a master’s degree in contemporary economic history from the Sorbonne University in Paris and […]

human theory 160x120

Human capital theory

4 12 2017 - No comment

What is human capital? Investment relates to machines and factories but it must not be forgotten that investment also relates to human capital. According to Adam Smith, people contribute to economic growth. In fact workers, who have had higher education, have know-how, cultural knowledge and intellectual capacity. They are therefore more productive which enhances their […]

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How to invest in financial markets

3 28 2017 - No comment

After reading a dozen books on trading, all possible articles on the many trading forums (such as for example) and trading for 6 months on demo accounts, you feel that it is time to start. That is when an important question arises. You now need to know how to place your buy and sell […]

adverse selection 160x120

Adverse selection

3 28 2017 - No comment

What is adverse selection? The market is supposed to self-regulate and to be a perfect meeting place between supply and demand. This may however sometimes show signs of failure. For example, you want to buy a used car costing around €2,000 on the market. You then meet someone who offers to sell you the model […]

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2 14 2017 - No comment

 What is marginalism? Marginalism comes from the concept of value. The greatest classical economists such as Adam Smith, mentioned that the value of a good depends on the number of hours of work needed for its manufacture. In the nineteenth century, other economists such as Alfred Marshall argued that it is in fact the usefulness […]

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